Program Intro


Calling school students of grades 6 - 9 to be a part of HCL Jigsaw, India's Premier Critical Reasoning Platform!

The world around us is evolving at an accelerated pace and our children need to be equipped with the right skills and tools today, for them to be successful tomorrow. Several researches have consistently outlined that skills like problem solving, critical thinking and reasoning, creativity and collaboration must be nurtured in children to help them tackle problems head-on with innovative solutions as they grow and enter the workspaces. While the current education system in India is now evolving to include these skills as part of the learning process, it is not yet formalized.

HCL Jigsaw is a new pioneering program with an objective of building a culture of problem solving in the country, starting at the school level. This is India’s Premier Critical Reasoning Platform for students from Grades 6 to 9.

HCL Jigsaw aims to:

  • Raise awareness on the importance of 21st-century skills;
  • Celebrate educators who strive hard to nurture these skills in young individuals
  • Recognize and reward students who have the potential to be tomorrow’s leading problem-solvers; and
  • Help all participating students understand improvement areas so that they can work towards developing these critical skills

Why focus on Problem Solving?

  • It is listed as  the top 10 skills needed for future readiness by the World Economic Forum.
  • Encourages students to trust their abilities and empowers them to think methodically.

  • Enables students to take unique approaches to solve problems in a constructive and holistic manner.

  • Energizes young minds and enables them to apply their learnings in real life context.

Focused on students for Grade 6 – 9, the competition will have two rounds:

  • Qualifiers : 40-min Critical Reasoning Olympiad; and
  • Finale : Theme based real-world Problem Solving Challenge

Note that the student needs to be in Grade 6-9 in academic year 2021-22 to be eligible for the program.

Benefits of Participation

What makes HCL Jigsaw Program a future-ready approach for your child?

Brought to you by the best minds in the technology industry, HCL Jigsaw is aimed enabling exciting new-age learning methods for your children. HCL Jigsaw program brings various benefits for your child’s learning journey:


Recognition on completion of Qualifiers

  • e-Certificate of Distinction and qualification for finale (top 20 percentile in each grade)
  • e-Certificate of Merit (top 40 percentile in each grade)
  • Detailed Assessment Reports and e-Certificate of Participation for all participants

Rewards for winners of Finale

Top 3 students across each grade

  • The Winners Trophy
  • Prizes worth up to INR 1 L per student including laptop, portable speaker and Wi-Fi printer.
  • Learning opportunities at HCL Innovation Labs on real world projects


Quotes from the


“Problems are a sign of life with skills as tools to turn them upside down. Success is an outcome of efficacious use of these tools to solve the jigsaw puzzles of life."

Hello 1

Late Nutan Singh

Former Principal of VidyaGyan

"Problem-solving skills will play an important part in preparing learners and leaders for their future rather than the past. Many schools say it seems harder than ever to provide what young people need because what they need is less certain. However, when we talk about the need for the 4Cs, problem solving is an essential common ingredient that we cannot ignore."


Mr. Matthew Ivulich

Shiv Nadar School

"Oakridge believes that we need to nurture individuals to be future-ready, responsible citizens, who impact the world positively by imbibing the 4C's - Critical thinking, Collaboration, Communication and Creativity."

Hello 2

Ms. Hema Chennupaty

Oakridge International School

“According to me, problem solving skills are empowering every individual and bringing out their potentials in order. It also makes them feel confident and independent to tackle problems and solving challenges on their own. I feel HCL Jigsaw is giving scope to the students to think critically in order to analyze the problems as well to find a probable solution for that. It is helping them to enhance their learning. ”

Debjani Chakraborty-Brilliant star school

Debjani Chakraborty

Brilliant Star School

"Change is the recurring phenomenon of today's times and change always results in uncertainty. In this scenario, everyone has to build their problem solving skills to face the challenges of the modern world to resolve the issues that change and uncertainty present. The focus on imparting problem solving skills in children is therefore of paramount importance for them to be ready to face the challenges that await them as they step into the real world."

Hello 3

Jyoti Kumar

Director of Education Arya Vidya Mandir Group of Institutions