Program Details 6 - 9

HCL Jigsaw is a new pioneering program with an objective of building a culture of problem solving in the country starting at the school level. This is India’s Biggest Problem-Solving Assessment Platform for students in Grades 6 to 9.

Note that the student need to be in Grade 6-9 in academic year 2023-24 to be eligible for the program.

HCL Jigsaw 2023-24:

  • Raise awareness on the importance of 21st century skills;
  • Celebrate educators who strive hard to nurture these skills in young individuals.
  • Recognize and reward students who have the potential to be tomorrow's leading problem-solvers; and
  • Help all participating students understand improvement areas so that they can work towards developing these critical skills.

Focused on students for Grade 6 – 9, the competition will have three rounds:

  • Round 1 | Apr. 3 - Aug. 31, 2023
  • Round 2 | Sept. 16 & 17, 2023
  • Round 3 | Sept. 23 & 24, 2023
  • Finale | Sept. 24, 2023, 04:00 PM

Note that the student needs to be in Grade 6-9 in academic year 2023-24 to be eligible for the program.

Assessment Parameters

The world is ever changing and growing more complex. To be able to thrive in such an environment requires one to have strong problem-solving skills. Problem solving is the process that involves exploring and navigating the world. It requires you to ask questions, make discoveries, and test those discoveries in the search for new understanding. A solution is as good as it is communicated. A lot of great ideas do not come off the drawing board and fail to be appreciated. With that in mind, here are the 10 facets of problem solving in which you should seek to excel:

Recognition on completion of Qualifier

  • Detailed skill assessment report, national ranking and e-certificate of participation for all participants.
  • e-certificate of distinction or merit based on national percentile

Rewards for Finale

Top 3 students across each grade

  • Total prize purse worth ₹ 12 Lakhs for 12 winners and 24 finalists
  • Learning opportunity at the prestigious HCL Innovation Labs for winners
  • Award as India's Best Young Problem Solver