HCL JIGSAW 3.0 FORMAT 40-mins Critical Reasoning Olympiad Project-Based Challenge Round 1 (Qualifiers) Round 2 (Semi Finale) Round 3 (Finale) Group Jury Presentation Aug 27-28, 2022 Aug 19-21, 2022 Aug 8-14, 2022 PROGRAM GRATIFICATIONS Schools Total prize purse
of up to Rs. 12 Lakhs
Learning opportunity
at HCL Innovation Labs
skill-assessment report
for all students
Award as India's Best
Young Problem Solver
For enrolling your school, reach out to Recognition to India's Top
Problem Solving Schools
different categories
Pan-India School Ranking
on Problem Solving and
Critical Reasoning
Social Media and website
mention on HCL jigsaw
Students schoolenquiry@hcljigsaw.com